About SmartCouple Online

SmartCouple Online was developed to offer all couples an easy, no-nonsense way to discover more about their relationship. There are a lot of websites that will help you find a date, and a fair number that purport to predict your compatibility for marriage or a committed relationship. SmartCouple Online does neither of those.

The assumption behind SmartCouple Online is that there is a lot to learn between the first date and the decision to commit. SmartCouple Online can help.The 102-item SmartCouple Online survey asks each of you to provide information about yourself and your relationship in areas like communication, emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, intellectual intimacy, spiritual intimacy, friends and family, and problem solving/conflict resolution.

Will SmartCouple Online predict your relationship's success? No. But it will help you learn more about yourself and each other. And as you review the commentary about your responses, it's guaranteed to give you and your partner plenty to talk about - the kinds of conversations that will give you new insights into your relationship.

SmartCouple Online was developed by Pete Velander, author of The Premarriage Awareness Inventory that has been used with more than 250,000 couples preparing for marriage since 1978.


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